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To Know: How to Avoid Long Lines on Black Friday

The sales on Black Friday are awesome, but the lines are not. It seems like shopping on Black Friday takes all day and night, not because of the amount of shopping you are doing but the lines that you are waiting in. It can turn the most patient person into a raging lunatic. Follow these steps to avoid long lines on Black Friday.

1 - Arrive at the store well before it is scheduled to open on Black Friday. You will still have to wait in line but it will not be half as long as it would be if you arrived later in the day. Come prepared with warm clothes and something to sit on.

2 - Shop at your local stores. Stay away from the malls or highly popular and advertised stores. Your local stores will still have sales but they will not be as well known.

3 - Buy online. You can shop from the comfort of your own home, on your own computer and in your pajamas if you choose. You can even listen to the holiday music of your choice.

4 - Take someone shopping with you. When you arrive at the store one of you can go stand in line while the other shops, then switch places. The amount of time standing in line on Black Friday will then be cut in half.

5. Stay home. There is really no need to shop on Black Friday if you shop for presents earlier in the year. There are many other holiday sales to hit up.

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